G2S3 Fudan University, Shanghai

Gene Golub’s Summer Schools

The late Gene Golub made an enormous contribution to numerical analysis throughout his career. After becoming a professor at Stanford he published the Matrix Computations with Charles Van Loan which is one of the great textbooks in the field (the 4th edition was recently released). Gene also served as SIAM president and was the founding editor of both the SISC and SIMAX journals.

When Gene died he left a significant sum of money behind which SIAM has used to fund summer schools for PhD students on topics relating to numerical linear algebra.

More information on Gene Golub can be found at Wikipedia or in a transcribed interview with Prof. Nick Higham.

Matrix Functions and Matrix Equations

This year the summer school was held in Shanghai and focused on matrix functions and matrix equations, the former of which is the subject of my PhD research. The next few paragraphs provide a brief summary of each course.

Group_photo.jpg Group photo of everyone at G2S3.

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